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Hello all!

     We are in the process of scheduling CPL courses.  We are looking to resume courses next week.  I know some of you on previous communications indicated that you were available for a Friday course. 
     I understand that  a lot of you have been waiting some time and I want nothing more than to get you taken care of.  I am however still concerned about safety, so having said that I will conducting courses with smaller class sizes on Friday's and Saturday's (ten or less); this way we can still adhere to distancing.  I think that in conjunction to proper safety wear i.e. gloves and mask we should be okay.  Our website should be updated soon to reflect the new dates.

    I have personally spoken with some of you and have scheduled you for Friday June 12.  For those who indicated they are available on Friday's or have an open availability I have also scheduled you for Friday June 12th. You will be notified by email.  Currently I have one more seat available for Friday June 12th.  

     To be fair to everyone else I had to look at your registration forms that you submitted and schedule based on that.  I encourage you to reach out to me if you were planning on attending with a group; It shouldn't be a problem keeping you together but I will need to know ahead of time.  

     I appreciate everyone's patience as we work through this.  Please reach out with any questions.  I look forward to training with you all!

Best Regards,

Lamont J. Patton
L&T Firearms Training Safety and Certification
NRA Training Counselor
NRA Certified Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer


L&T Firearms Training, Safety & Certification LLC teaches a course called “Personal Protection in the Home”, the course that is required by The State of Michigan to obtain your Concealed Pistol License (CPL)/most commonly known as a “CCW”. 
At the completion of your training you will receive a certificate that will be accepted by the county to receive your Michigan CPL.  The cost for this course is $99.00 This covers you're course work and a free 30 minute follow up range session. Don't have you're own problem.  We provide free gun rental for a small cleaning fee of just $10.00.  Online pre-registration is required along with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.  Group rates are available.

L&T Firearms Training, Safety & Certification LLC offers Basic Pistol Training. This course will teach you the basics in firearm safety,safe storage, handling, and the mechanics of firearms.  This is an excellent choice for those who may not necessarily want to carry a concealed pistol but rather are looking for safe home protection.  

L&T Firearms Training, Safety & Certification LLC also offers an Advanced CCW class, women;s self defense courses, and a host of additional courses.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn tactical reloading and shooting.  These courses will not earn you a CPL.

Looking for a career change or just want to enhance your leadership and firearms skills?  Become a NRA Instructor today.  L&T Firearms Training, Safety & Certification LLC offers NRA Instructors Course that will certify you to become an instructor.  This is an effective way to reach your community and educate them on firearms safety while teaching them the skills, knowledge, and attitude about firearms safety. Pre-Registration is required! Become apart of our training team!!!!

We are proud members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO). 

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